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Horacio Pavez García

Horacio Pavez García

Board Member

Mr. Horacio Pavez García has been a Board member of Grupo Security since 1991, Banco Security since 2009 and Vida Security since 2005.

Since 1986 he has served as the Chairman of the Empresas Villuco Group, a family holding company. Mr. Pavez is also a member of the Boards of Sigdo Koppers (since 1987), ENAEX S.A. (since 2002), FEPASA (2010) and Energía Latina S.A. (2009).

Between 1998 and 2000, Mr. Pavez was previously the Chairman of Cámara Chilena de la Construcción A.G. (CChC). CChC is a non-profit organization formed in Santiago, Chile in 1951. He was also Chairman of the board at Industrias Forestales Copihue (1993-2001), the Health Corporation of CChC (2003-2009), the Council of the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa Maria (2004-2010), and the Investment & Services Company of CChC (1998-2007). He was also a Board member of pension funds AFP Habitat (1991-1995) and AFP Protección (1996-1998), and Leasing Security (1991-2009).

Mr. Pavez earned his Civil Construction degree from the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa Maria.