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Executive Management

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Hernán de las Heras Marín

Hernán de las Heras Marín

Independent Board Member

Mr. de las Heras has served as independent board member of Grupo Security since April 2013.

From 2002 to the present he has been dedicated to his family and personal business, which are mainly asset management, real estate business and textiles importation. He is CEO of Inversiones y Servicios Víctor Ltda, and CFO of “De las Heras Hermanos Ltda.”

For over a quarter of a century Mr. de las Heras was an executive of Banco de Santiago and its subsidiaries; holding different positions, and meaningfully contributing to the success of the bank. Positions included: Advisor to the Presidency of the Banco de Santiago (1996-2002), Executive Director of Santiago Leasing (1987-2001), and Executive Director of Santiago Corredores de Bolsa (1987-2001). Prior to these roles he was Business Manager and Credit Manager of Banco Colocadora Nacional de Valores (1976-1987).

He is a former Director of Banco Torquist (Argentina) and of Banco Santiago.

Mr. de las Heras is a Commercial Engineer from Universidad de Chile.