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2017 Press Releases

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11/10/17Grupo Security Posts Profit Of CH$53,661 Million For Third Quarter 2017
The Group's CEO, Renato Peñafiel, highlighted these results, which represent an increase of 20.8% YoY, excluding the extraordinary gain on the sale of Penta-Security in 2016. Grupo Security reported profit of CH$53,661 million for the third quarter of 2017, as filed today with the Superintendency of Securities and Insurance (SVS). The profit obtained as of September 30 represented YoY growth of 20.8%, excluding last year's extraordinary gain on the sale of the Group's interest in Penta-Sec... 
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08/31/17Grupo Security Posted Profit of Ch$35,958 Million During The First Half of 2017
Renato Peñafiel, Grupo Security's CEO, highlighted the second quarter profit of CH$18,648 million, an increase of 7.7% over the first quarter. Grupo Security posted profit of CH$35,958 million as of June 30 this year, according to results reported today to the Superintendency of Securities and Insurance. A strong performance by Grupo Security's core business resulted in profit to June 2017 growing by 18.0% YoY, excluding last year's extraordinary income from the sale of its stake in Penta-Securi... 
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08/28/17Grupo Security Successfully Completes Capital Increase
97.26% of the new shares issued were subscribed.Grupo Security has successfully completed the preferential subscription period that is part of its capital increase. Carried out under the advice of Banchile Corredores de Bolsa S.A. and Banchile Citi Global Markets, this capital increase process of approximately 437 million shares began in July after the group obtained the appropriate authorization from the Superintendency of Securities and Insurance (SVS). A total of 425 million shares were subsc... 
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08/09/17Economist Ricardo Caballero And Political Analyst Max Colodro Present At Annual Grupo Security Seminar
At the twelfth version of the event entitled "Can We Be Better Off?" renowned Chilean economist Ricardo Caballero analyzed the situation of the global economy and prestigious political analyst Max Colodro presented on Chile's political situation.The twelfth version of the Grupo Security Economic Seminar "Can We Be Better Off?" was held this morning at Santiago's W Hotel for nearly one thousand attendees.During the event, renowned Chilean economist and Director of MIT's World Economic Laboratory ... 
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08/08/17Grupo Security Launches Road Show For Capital Increase
The group's CEO noted that the capital increase will allow the company to sustain commercial growth above the industry rates and strengthen the capital base of its main assets, Bank and Life Insurance Grupo Security has launched a road show that includes a series of meetings between private and institutional investors and the company's leadership. The objective of the effort is to invite them to take part in the capital increase of approximately 437 million shares that is expected to raise $1... 
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07/31/17Banco Security Loans Grow 9.8%, Exceeding Industry Figures
The greatest growth was recorded in commercial loans.Total Banco Security loans grew at 9.8% over a 12-month period ending on June 30, 2017, excluding inter-bank loans, bringing its total to CH$4,619,704 million. Based on results released today by the Superintendency of Banks and Financial Institutions (SBIF), the growth of the banking industry loans excluding foreign holdings through June 2017 was 5%, which means that Banco Security nearly doubled the rate of expansion of the sector.Commercial ... 
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07/26/17Ricardo Caballero And Max Colodro To Present At Annual Grupo Security Economic Seminar
The meeting "Can We Be Better Off?" will feature Mr. Caballero, a renowned Chilean economist and Director of MIT's World Economic Library, and Mr. Colodro, a political analyst. The two will discuss the national and international context in a challenging year for Chile.Grupo Security will hold its Security Economic Seminar (SES) on Wednesday, August 9. This year's event, which is entitled "Can We Be Better Off?," will feature Chilean economist and Director of MIT's World Economic Laboratory, Rica... 
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07/18/17Grupo Security Starts Placement Of Capital Increase
The Superintendency of Securities and Insurance approved the issue of approximately 437 million shares.Grupo Security S.A. has initiated the placement of a capital increase of approximately 437 million shares, which was approved during the Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting held on April 27. The capital increase, which has already been authorized by the Superintendency of Securities and Insurance (SVS), set a placement price of CH$220 per share and seeks to raise approximately CH$100,000 milli... 
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07/05/17Grupo Security Sets Share Price At CH$220 For Capital Increase
In doing so, the group takes an additional step in the process of capitalization of Banco Security and Inversiones Seguros Security, which is meant to strengthen its growth and capital base. During the Board meeting held yesterday, the decision was made to set the share price at CH$220 for the capital increase of approximately 437 million shares. The capital increase had previously been approved at the Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting held on April 27. The purpose of this capital increase ... 
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05/25/17Grupo Security Reports Net Profit Of Ch$17,310 Million During First Quarter Of 2017
CEO Renato Peñafiel highlighted the solid performance of the Group's businesses during the period and the capital increase of CH$100,000 million approved in April in order to strengthen growth and capital in its main assets, Bank and Life Insurance.Grupo Security posted net profit of CH$17,310 million during the first quarter of 2017 according to the results reported today to the Securities and Insurance Commission (SVS). CEO Renato Peñafiel explained that, "Unlike last year, this result ... 
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04/27/17Grupo Security Shareholders Approve Capital Increase Of CH$100,000 Million
Banco Security and Inversiones Seguros Security will be capitalized to promote their growth and strengthen their capital base.Earlier today, Grupo Security shareholders approved a capital increase of approximately 437 million shares, which represents a total of CH$100,000 million according to the report presented during the extraordinary shareholders meeting held to vote on this proposal. The purpose of the capital increase is to capitalize the subsidiaries Banco Security and Inversiones Seguros... 
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03/30/17Grupo Security profits rose by 14.6% in 2016 to total CH$74,522 Million
Among the highlights of the year, Grupo Security was chosen as one of the best companies to be employed by in Chile according to the Great Place to Work survey, and became part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Chile Index, the country's first stock market sustainability index.Grupo Security generated net profit of CH$74,522 million during the 2016 financial year, representing annual growth of 14.6%. Furthermore, Grupo Security's shares posted a profit of 25.2% over the return of the accumulated S... 
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