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2018 Press Releases

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03/28/18Share Auction Generates High Demand For Grupo Security Stock
Demand totaled CH$180 billion, equivalent to 9 times the offering, with a cut-off price of CH$290 per share. Grupo Security successfully placed 71,769,048 shares through an order book auction. The package contained 11,980,563 shares left over from the entity's capital increase in August 2017, and a secondary offering of 59,788,485 shares. Demand was 9 times supply, equivalent to over US$ 297 million. The cut-off price–the maximum with which the offering is completed– was CH$290 per share. H... 
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03/26/18Book Building Process – March 2018
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03/15/18Grupo Security Successfully Concludes Bond Placement for UF 1.5 Million
The issuance is part of a process to restructure the Company's liabilities to lengthen their duration.  Today Grupo Security concluded the placement of a new bond on the local market for UF 1.5 million, which attracted significant market interest and total demand of UF 2.7 million, or 1.8 times the offering size. This 25-year bond (N1 series) with a 20-year grace period and a duration of 16.5 years, was placed at a rate of UF + 3.05%. The issuance is part of a liability restruct... 
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03/03/18Grupo Security Reported Profit of CH$74,708 Million in 2017
Highlights include the capital increase of CH$93,424 million, 24.5% growth in the Bank's earnings and market share of 12.5% in the annuity business in Peru. Grupo Security reported profit of CH$74,708 million for 2017, which represents an increase of 0.2% over the previous year. EBITDA in 2017 totaled CH$121,856 million, up 0.9% over 2016, while return on equity reached 11.58%, based on the financial statements (FECU format) filed today with the Financial Market Commission (CMF). The CEO o... 
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